We are Setfree! We are a brazilian company, located in Sao Caetano do Sul, one of the biggest commercial city of the country.

We import and distribute Health Tech products and we also create business strategies to foreing companies that are interested to sell their products in Brazil.

We are committed to finding innovative and modern healthcare technologies that will help decrease the technological gap in Brazil. We believe and invest in the empowerment of the patients, offering all the necessary knowledge for their decision-making, with good product options and helping in every possible way. This is Setfree’s mission.

Finally, we are a company that serves God and He is our owner. We are Christians and, therefore, we apply this truth in everything we think, act or speak. PTLA.



(What do I want to achieve)

To be the largest importer and distributor
of health technology solutions
of Brazil, impacting lives.


(What is non-negotiable, who we are.)

God first, taking care of the
our employees and their families,
working with ethics and honesty,
doing business where the word has
value, and developing it all with
love, kindness and justice.

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